OVERKILL 6 Arrow Package

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The OVERKILL 6 Arrow Package comes with: 

  • Six (6) Factory Fletched Black Eagle Carnivore 0.003 Arrows
  • Your choice of black factory nock or other available colors
  • Your choice to add lighted nocks
  • Factory Carnivore Insert
  • Brass available to achieve the desired weight
  • Three (3) OVERKILL broadheads - your choice
  • Six (6) field points up to 200 grain
  • Discount applied for the package and add-on items
  • Take them out of the box, screw on your broadhead and go hunting
  • Cut Length BOP: It's easy to measure your total arrow length BOP. BOP simply means to the back of the point. Measure from the valley of the nock, the deepest portion of the nock, where it touched your bowstring - to the back of the point. 


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250 .2445" .303" 9.7
300 .2445" .296" 8.5
350 .2445" .291" 7.5
400 .2445" .287" 6.8