Momentum TDT 170 Shafts (6 Pack)

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These arrows had to incorporate all of our (GrizzlyStik's) required elements to make the most advance hunting arrow in the world.


• Built using Mitsubishi 3K Woven Carbon - For unsurpassed structural integrity 

• A continuous .001"/inch taper from tip to tail - For built-in FOC, Weight forward, Strength forward, and Spine Forward benefits 

• Tapered externally and parallel internally - Allows spine control & tuning by cutting from point or nock end 

• Thin diameter - thick-walled, built on the .204" platform - For increased penetration performance and universal component compatibility 

• As light as possible - for total arrow weight versatility & control, and to optimize FOC


 #1 On Dr. Ashby's Top 12 List - Structural Integrity



Nothing is unbreakable......but with GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows - Good Luck!  There's a good chance you're going to lose these arrows before you break them.

• Include a tough in-outsert - To shore up the front of the arrow for hard bone-splitting hits 

• Built to precise tolerances - Making tuning, accuracy, consistency, and bow set-up a breeze 

• Include the Victory slick ICE coating - For better penetration on big game, and to minimize sticking in targets 

• Provide the highest FOC (Forward Of Center) Potential of any other arrow - Approx. 5% FOC even with no nock or insert!

Momentum TDT 170 Specifications: 

• Static Spine: .170"
• Straightness Tolerance: +/- .003"
• Weight Tolerance - 6-pack: +/- 1 grain
• Weight: Full length bare shaft ~ 459 grains
• Profile: Continuous .001"/inch taper
• Internal Diameter: .204"
• External Diameter Point End @ 30.5": .312"
• External Diameter Nock End @ .5": .280"
• External Diameter Insert Tip: .368" 
• Material: Woven Micro-Carbon 
• Insert Weight: Approx. 70 grains
• Nock Weight: Approx. 8 grains
• Qty Per Package: Six (6)

Cut Length BOP:

Measure from the BASE OF THE POINT (BOP) to the valley of the nock (where the string pushes) to determine your cut length.

When determining the amount of brass required reference the chart below


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