GloryNock - 3 Pack

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Helps to see shot placement & recover your arrow with super bright LED
Easy off design - no tools required
Lightweight, durable, and bowstring activated
Color options - Red, Green, Blue, Pink
Sizing Chart:
GloryNock-S fits arrow ID .244
GloryNock-X fits arrow ID .204


    Please note that GloryNock is intentionally designed to be slightly thicker so that it is a stronger, more durable nock.  Lighted nocks have many components to fit inside (battery, LED, electrical contacts, etc.) which weaken the body of the nock.  Other lighted nock brands have had cracking problems, but that is a thing of the past with the GloryNock!  You may need to adjust your d-loop to be set slighter wider, depending on how you have it tied in for your previous nocks.  If your loop is tied in for a thinner nock then you may experience "nock-pinch" when at full draw, especially on shorter axle to axle bows.  So please check the fit of the GloryNock with your current loop setup and widen the loop if necessary.
    Lighted nocks are notorious for fitting too loose in the arrow and often turning off upon impact or even popping out of the arrow.  We designed GloryNock to fit tight into an arrow shaft, so we recommend using a little string wax when installing the nock.  Simply apply some string wax around the bottom of the plastic nock body near the battery and install into your arrow with a firm push and slight rotation.