GEN 1 - Momentum TDT 320 Shafts (6 Pack)

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GEN 1 - GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT® 320 Carbon Shafts

The .30-06 of Bowhunting
For 50# - 70# Bows 
(Depending on arrow length and point slug weight.)

Introducing the new GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows by Victory Archery - Thin Diameter Tapered carbon arrows!

Our best arrows ever!

Thin diameter - thick walled - full length tapered arrows: The ultimate in; strength, accuracy, penetration, and trajectory.


Momentum TDT 320 Specifications:

Static Spine: .320" 
Straightness Tolerance: +/- .003" 
Weight Tolerance - 6-pack: +/- 1 grain 
Weight: Full length bare shaft ~ 323 grains 
Profile: Continuous .001"/inch taper 
Internal Diameter: .204" 
External Diameter Point End @ 30.5": .288" 
External Diameter Nock End @ .5": .256"
External Diameter Insert Tip:  .343" 
Material: Woven Micro-Carbon  
Insert Weight: Approx. 70 grains 
Nock Weight: Approx. 7 grains 
Qty Per Package: Six (6)

Cut Length BOP:

Measure from the BASE OF THE POINT (BOP) to the valley of the nock (where the string pushes) to determine your cut length.


When determining the amount of brass required reference the chart below


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