Arrow Lethality 101

The driving force behind Dynamic Archery Solutions is the combination of scientifically gathered data and real-world results from the field.

We all know that any arrow can be lethal when the situation is perfect, but what happens when things go sideways? 

How many times have you heard someone say "If only he hadn't turned"; "If only he hadn't ducked"; if...if...if only I hadn't hit bone.  Instead of following the standard thought of aiming further and further back (away from the greatest concentration of large vessels), why not prepare for the factors that we know are out of our control?

Prepare for the worst case, head to the field confident, and BE LETHAL.

This is exactly what we do at DAS.  We are not a typical archery shop.  We will not sell you mediocre products simply because its an easy sale.  Our primary goal is to help you understand what is needed to truly improve your lethality in the field and we have a select offering of products and aftermarket components hand-picked to help you achieve this.


To learn more about why we build arrows the way we do and how we prepare for success, check out the sections below.

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For the latest updates on the ongoing lethality testing please visit the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation - Click Here


If you have questions on how to best apply this information on a new build, we are here to help!  Arrow Build Assistance