Bow Tuning/Setup

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After the arrow systems structural integrity, arrow flight is the second most influential factor in how well your arrow penetrates and performs in the field.  When determining an arrow build the point weight and spine needs to be matched with the bow, but regardless of how well built the arrow is, the bow must be properly setup to allow that arrow to truly shine.


We offer a couple of different levels of tuning depending on how much you want to be involved in the process.  For local customers, assistance can be provided at time of pick up to fine tune as needed for your grip.

  • $60 Factory Tune: Bow will be set to factory specs and flight will be verified with a fletched shaft through paper. 
    • Upon delivery, the bow should be ready for you to proceed with your preferred method of fine tuning.
  • $75 Walk Balk Tune: The factory tune will be completed and then a walk back will be performed using a fletched shaft to fine tune the rest/string alignment. 
    • Upon delivery, the bow will be ready for you to proceed with higher level fine tuning or for you to verify fletched flight and fine tuned for your grip as needed.
  • $90 Bare Shaft Tune: Bow will be set to factory specs and then flight will be verified using a bare shaft. 
    • Upon delivery, bare shaft (or fletched) flight should be verified and fine tuned for your grip as needed.


*Customer will be responsible for shipping the bow to DAS.  USPS is our standard shipping method. Shipping priority level utilized to send the bow to DAS will be matched to return the bow and will be added to the return invoice*


*Bow will be inspected upon receipt.  If anything concerning is found, it will be brought to the customers attention before any work has been done in order to discuss preferred path forward*


*Bows sent for tuning will be expected to have necessary accessories (rest, sight, stabilizers, arrows, etc.) in order for tuning to be completed as the bow will be shot.  If accessories or arrows are needed, please detail this when coordinating with DAS.* 


If you have questions or would simply like to discuss having your bow tuned, please reach out to us by selecting the link below.